100. The Beginning

While I would love to start this blog with a really meaningful, ‘chase your dreams’ kinda inspo quote, you’ll soon realise I am not that type of gal. Instead I wanna welcome you to my blog; aka the running commentary to this crazy journey we’re about to slide into.
It’s not the kind of blogging journey you read where you inevitably know the destination; instead it’s kind like we’re all just navigating a huge dark tunnel with the flashlight on your iPhone 5… life, am I right?!
So, hi! Now that you’re here, let me tell you a tiny, little bit about myself so that we can start feeling more like real-life friends and less like you’re just silently lurking me from across the cyber-webs.
My name is Rianna, I am 26 years old (I’m still getting used to that one) and I quit my job just over a month ago! My husband Jack and I have this crazy dream of opening a cafe and after being married for 5 months, we decided that while we had no babies or any really hectic responsibilities, the right time was now (insert another inspo quote here)!
Jack and I got married last July after 100 days of engagement, crowning it ‘the 100 Day Wedding’ – I blogged every single day through that chaos and loved it (check it out here). I love that writing the blog forced me to be intentional and reflect back on the day, and in hindsight, I love being able to reread the posts and remember tiny details which, at the time, seemed of utmost importance yet now, I wouldn’t even be able to recall! But most of all, I lovvved that the blog was a really simple way for people to honestly feel like there were a part of our journey, instead of just watching from the sidelines. So another season equals another chance to make some crazy happen within 100 days (don’t worry, I promise we won’t try and have a baby in 3 months!)!

So here we are again, 100 days away from, well, we actually don’t know that part yet. But hopefully at some point around then, we’ll have a cafe setup, some customers to love on and a blog full of insane stories. For now though, we just have a big ol’ blank canvas. You honestly know as much as we do for now, so come along and join us on this crazy rollercoaster of becoming first-time business owners! Yay!

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