99. Crushed Dreams

Up until today, we were the typical millennials and thought we had it alllllll figured out! We had a pretty sketchy business plan, some mad insta skills and the perfect location scouted out to fit out perfect little plan into.

The place we’d wanted was a little hideaway hole pointed out by a friend of ours. In the middle of the business district in Wallsend, for those who aren’t familiar with Newcastle (aka the greatest town in all the world), Wallsend (often known as world’s end) is the kind of suburb that once was, well, pretty dodgy .. which makes it the perfect location for young couples and families to move out to, build and buy houses and change the demand patterns of the whole suburb. You know how real estate agents call out a suburb as ‘the up and coming region for the trendy spots’ and you never really believe them ’til it’s too late and a house suddenly costs $900K?! Yeah, well, I’m calling it – Wallsend is the next up and coming; the next big thing! And we had the perfect perch right in the middle … until we didn’t.

This little piece of real estate gold was a part of a subdivided commercial lot; pretty small and not hugely practical for anything office-related, but it was going to be perfect for us! It had been tenant-free for just over a year so it felt normal to assume we had some leverage with the estate agent. We had negotiated some terms, filled out an agreement and [maybe naively] signed the contract … When I went down to hand him our papers, he told me that day he had “fast-tracked someone else’s application and they were pretty much 100% on board”

Well, heck.

I could not believe it. When the words came out of his mouth, I think I just made a little squeak noise, smiled awkwardly, probably thanked him three or four times (seriously, what?!) and then left. So grown up, right?!

After a second to process and get a grip, I decided I’d take that as a good sign; you know when things go so well and timings line up perfectly, people are like, “ahhh it’s meant to be” or “that’s gotta be God” … well, I’ve decided to take that same assurance and think that the timings lined up so badly that it was obviously meant to be and that had to have been God stopping us from doing something really stupid!

I mean, vacant for a whole year and that day it got snatched up! Gotta be God, surely!!!


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