96. ‘Meeting’ with Glee

Without a doubt, a definite perk of opening an espresso bar is having the excuse to call any coffee date ‘market research’, the same goes for being able to call a tour around Glee Coffee Roasters and eating Chicken tacos a ‘meeting’…

The coffee supply market isn’t hugely saturated in humble Newcastle, there’s a couple of multi-nationals, a couple of chains and a few local roasters that are well-known amongst the coffee-enthused community. Glee Coffee is certainly wildly known amongst caffeine-wired Novocastrians – their online presence is phenomenal, they’re known for their customer service, their beans are ethically sourced and their warehouse is google-esque amazing! Ok, seriously, do I work for them right now?! I promise I am not getting paid for this stuff.

After a casual lurk of the company (if not already, you’ll soon be realising this is something I do on the regular), I messaged my long time insta-acquaintance, Laura (her work can be lurked here) and asked her what the next step is if we’re considering stocking Glee as our resident bean.

She replied, we chatted, exchanged phone numbers (okay, can you tell I have a bit of a sly girl-crush happening here?!) and next thing I knew, Glee’s wholesale manager, Jesse  was giving me a tour around their Central Coast warehouse; fitout with basketball hoop, open-plan workspaces (which encourages creative collaboration, am I right, Steve Jobs?!) and floor-to-ceiling glass walls … urrgh – the discontent was real that day.

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 12.37.50 pm.pngAfter the tour, we went down the road to their Glee café and ordered lunch, I stupidly said no to a coffee (we’re all thinking it; what an idiot.. but seriously guys, afternoon coffees give me anxiety, okay?!) but I did say a big ol’ yes to the chicken tacos.

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 12.39.35 pm.png

We talked theology and then we talked business for a while; cost of goods, viability of leasing a machine (and the possibility that my dreamy pastel pink machine may, in fact, become a reality .. eek!), contract terms and training inclusions.

Once Jack and I set in stone some proper decisions, I’ll share more about these details but for now, I’ll just say it was freakin’ awesome and in conclusion, Laura is a dreamgirl, Jesse was a all-knowing coffee genie and I bought a vintage silk top right after the meeting for $3; which, as we all know, confirms that it was a good/God ordained appointment!


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