95. Pinterest

Firstly, get distracted for a second with the current Pinterest board

Well who would have thought I would have been the one to make the Pinterest board, well I would have because I am slightly obsessed with incredible spaces and when the idea finally sunk into my head that we would have a space of our own sitting there all bare and bland hoping to be made homely and given some character I was in!

Now this is probably a great time to give you the disclaimer that at this point in time we absolutely do not have a space, a shopfront, or anything physical at all! What we do have is a name, lots of metaphorical plans and a pending miracle (see blog 97.) Regardless, what better time to make these decisions so that when we DO have a space we can just connect the jigsaw pieces in.

Ri and I have put many hours into speaking about ‘The look’ and there are a few things we definitely agree on..

  1. White (everything)
  2. Concrete Floors
  3. Neon sign w/ witty saying
  4. Greenery
  5. Out of our price range tiles

We also don’t intend on buying much new, if Gumtree was a sport I would be at the 2020 Olympics and the best thing is that these days the used, vintage, industrial look is totally cool!

I am not gonna lie, Ri is doing all the hard paperwork etc. and that’s because she is amazing at it but for now I am just going to be over here pinning dreams.

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