91. The Grown-up Meeting

Yep, I am well-aware that by titling this blog post ‘The grown-up meeting’ I am totally discrediting any adult-y part of me, but I am under the firm belief that any person (especially a wannabe business owner) who has to sit at a gigantic boardroom table across from a corporate business advisor, will turn into timid, childlike versions of themselves.That was me today.

I had a meeting with John Abrams, a business advisor who runs the accounts for my dad’s company. I walked into the office feeling like maybe I should have rethought my outfit as I paraded in wearing a red frilly shirt, yellow nails and giant purple earrings (nothing screams ‘kickass entrepreneur’ any louder, right?!).

Photo 31-1-18, 2 36 18 pm
Here’s me loving my outfit choice … before wishing I wore something that would let me camouflage into the walls!

Usually, when Jack or I share the vision of the cafe people, they’re quick to get onboard and affirm our choices, encourage us and reassure us that we’re on the right track. It’s safe to say, this meeting was the total opposite! John was asking me lots of questions and every answer I gave, he repeated back with a suspicious inflection .. which made me question every single thing I ever thought I knew!

Photo 31-1-18, 1 47 13 pm.jpg

But if we put me being a little sissy aside, the meeting was actually so awesome! We went over every tiny detail; ABN advice, how to project revenue, negotiating leases and even brutally spoke about the very real prospect of finishing a three year lease with no business and no money! Terrifying, but how freakin’ exciting!?

John said our startup plan was pretty rough, but also pretty good! I’m going to take the positive from that one! There was actually something that felt really significant about having him approve of our plans; kind of like everything that has only ever existed in our dreams have been pulled down into real-life.

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