90. The Original Wildflower

So how the heck did we get here?!

Well, nearly two years ago, my then boyfriend (but I’ve married him since then) Jack had just quit his job after some conditions changed for the worse with pretty much no notice. We had only been dating for a couple of months then, and like many others in our generation we wanted to think outside of the box and create a future for ourselves that exists outside the status quo.

Because we were still deep in the ‘infatuation stage’ (you know that sickly sweet stage of relationships that make you swoon but also make you shudder a little?!), we were having a long, deep and meaningful chat that went long into the night, not uncommon for us (still to this day, 11PM seems to be the peak of our productivity). So we started dreaming up this idea that we could work together – hustle hard for a couple of hours in the morning and then have the afternoon to live up our life!

We chose a cafe because, well, coffee! And it’s an industry I’m pretty experienced in and Jack is passionate about; we both love the idea of being able to serve others, meet new people and make friends just by being there (so yes, we are both textbook extroverts!). Our point of difference: we’d plan our whole coffee shop to be on wheels. The mobile coffee market does already exist, but it is dusty and has lots of room for improvement (beyond a $7 cappuccino with 45cm foamy head). So yep, we wanted the best of both worlds – awesome coffee, cool vibes but the convenience of being right outside your workplace, in your street so you don’t have to get your babies into a car, or next to a park so you can have an instant picnic!

The idea snowballed and we approved it through every single “should we, could we?” kinda conversations. We took the next step and bought some unnecessary stationery (a must-have for any project commencement), did a rough capital startup projection and downloaded a business plan template from the government website. Each night, Jack would come over and we’d call them ‘business meetings’ where we’d sit on my bed and sift through legislation, talk through some crazy ideas and start putting together the framework for our business. Next thing you know, we bought our glorious steed; a ’95 VW Transporter with the cutest barn-doors ever. We came up with some amazing ideas for how we’d run it and honestly, our designs got pretty sophisticated but we still needed a name. After some big conversations and some desperate attempts at finding inspo (though, you must admit ’Hotline Bling Espresso’ has a ring to it) we decided! Wildflower; The Travelling Espresso Bar.

We picked Wildflower originally from a verse in the bible that pretty much says, “If God gives so much attention to the wildflowers, most of them never even seen, don’t you think he’ll attend to you, take pride in you, do his best for you?” — we love to think of the cafe as an opportunity to remind people they’re valuable and super loveable. (see this post here)

Since then, Jack has become gainfully employed full-time in a workplace he loves and in the last couple of months, the timing seemed right for me to quit my job and work full-time on making Wildflower a reality. Due to a wild web of technicalities around operating out of a van (think insurance and restriction to park anywhere public for more then 8 minutes at a time), we started looking at the viability of leasing a shop and doing it the old static way. And well, we don’t have much to share beyond that point – that’s where you’re joining this journey. With a  rough idea of our background and no idea of the future, we embark on making Wildflower Espresso a real-life, eat-your-heart-out espresso bar! Woo!

So, although the plans and dreams for the travelling espresso bar have been chopped and changed (some may say ‘derailed’); the legacy and name of Wildflower will live on!

Here’s a little screenshot from our original plan and throughout this journey you’ll see it has really formed the cornerstone of our business.


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