89. Podcast Dreaming

I know this is the second time I have referenced a current girl crush of mine (if you missed the first one, it’s over here) buttt today I found my podcast soul sister!

I have been stalking Jess Rufhus online for a while now, you know one of those insta-relationships where you think you’re best friends but they don’t even know you exist…?! Yep, one of those!! Jess runs Collabosaurus, an Australia company that encourage the collaboration and growth of businesses. I love that the whole idea of organic collaboration exists around the idea of small business supporting each other instead of competing.

Through Collabosaurus, Jess has started a podcast and gives super practical, usable pointers in developing a better network; one that expands your brand and increases the user experience (now is probably a good time to let you know I am a bit of a marketing enthusiast!!).

Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 7.40.40 pm.png

So now, after an hour driving by myself and bingeing on podcasts, my mind has been totally shaken up by the idea of collaboration and I am completely determined to brainstorm and dream up some ideas that spread Wildflower beyond the black and white of existing only as a coffee shop!

Watch this space for some crazy dreaming and risky pitches while I try and push Wildflower out of the box. But in the meantime have a listen to my girl’s podcasts…  (oh, um .. sorry if you’re reading this Jess!)



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