88. Aesthetics

I had to serriiiiously refrain from calling this “colour, colour bills y’all”

Today was one of those days where tension was running pretty high for no real reason, like that kinda tension that makes for silent car trips, unnecessary arguments and maybe a little shameless cry (don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about).

So the productivity for today was stifled by my uncontrolled emotions. Jack was constantly gracious (not that I would have ever admitted that earlier today) and was persistent in trying to make some progress.

Throughout the emotional chaos we definitely confirmed and agreed upon at least one thing; the palette aesthetics for the cafe! Yay!

My actual colour goals – let’s all be thankful Jack has the final say on this one.

Now, if you know me well, you’d know if it were solely up to me I’d choose pink, purple and iridescent glitter as the colour scheme. But while my style may be wild and erratic (I’m currently wearing a huge, bright pink jumper, yellow nails and blue shorts), Jack has an eye for design that is so annoyingly good, all the freakin time (can’t you just hear the angst… this is what Jack’s had to deal with all day!)

So we have officially agreed on a colour scheme and palette for the cafe; white, black, wood and accents of pastel pink (yay!)

Jack did reference the internal aesthetics back in his post about the [glorious] Pinterest board, but we’re currently in conversation about how we can communicate this palette most effectively to create consistent branding across all platforms. I want people to be able to see our stuff and know it’s ours; I want to have an online presence that gives Wildflower a personality and makes people want to get to know us and feel like we’re real life friends.

Freakin’ marketing goals, am I right?!

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