87. The Socials

Well, today we went public with the cafe – which basically means I’m no longer able to hide in the safety of the shadows and I actually have to face the cold, hard reality of accountability (urrgh) aaand it means, well, we’re actually doing this! Suddenly, our crazy dream has officially evolved from a “hopefully one day we will…” into a full blown, “we are opening a cafe”

Well, heck – someone check my pulse.


As well as this euphoric realisation, the heaviness of our decision has set in (that kinda makes me feel like I’m on a self-constructed ‘Block’ episode) – knowing we now have only 87 days to make some sort of cafe appear out of nowhere is, to say the least, a little intimidating!!

One incredible lesson we learnt while planning our wedding in 100 days was that the people around us are by far our most valuable asset. Not because we like mates rates and people who give us things (but let’s be honest, we don’t hate those things either) but because we realised we actually are the product of the community around us; the love and knowledge people sow into us is what we get to give to others. We are not, by any means, an independent unit, we rely and thrive on the love and encouragement from those around us.

In saying that, we have again been reminded of the crazy love and incredible support we have when we went public with the blog today. We wanted to share the journey early on, before we actually knew anything and before we even had a location so you guys could really get on board and get a feel of the totally blind faith by which we’re walking right now.


Sooo .. we did a very basic self-timer photo (yes, cringe), announced it on the normal social channels and pretty much threw my phone away (you know how that makes it seem less scary) for a couple of hours afterwards while I had a very important cheese date with a beautiful friend of mine. When I got back, I was actually blown away – like floored. There was craaaazy amounts of incredible encouragement, prayers, advice, industry contact details, offers to help build or work or even help with the ‘market research’ side of it (my favourite part, duh!).

Even though I know we’re staring down the barrel of our biggest challenge yet, I actually felt so much relief after going public ’cause it feels more like we’re all doing this as a group of friends. I know that sounds annoyingly cheesy, but seriously, we really are the product of our community and we want Wildflower to be the exact same; built on love so we can love on others even more!

Exciting times ahead!

Ps. We find out some very exciting (or potentially devastating) news tomorrow .. stay tuned!


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