86. Questions

Today was the day we were going to find out whether or not we had our building, short version is we didn’t, not ideal, but also not a ‘no’ so that’s the silver lining there, they just don’t know that each day is 1% on our self-inflicted 100 day time schedule (still makes it super fun by the way.)

As a result of yesterday being the official launch where we told everyone about the blog, today was full of questions and many of them the same so what better way to clarify then to answer them, right here, right now.

I should specify. I like the questions, it makes me think of answers I had never considered and it means that you care enough to ask. I [Ri also] love that you care because we love that we can bring you guys along the journey with us, so keep asking and keep caring.

I also hope you appreciated the 12 day head start we gave ourselves before we told you guys about this little 100 day project, it could have been a really boring blog for you to look at for a while if we didn’t.

**Questions Disclaimer**
If you have read up to this point in the blog you know almost as much as us so the answers to these questions are the ideas that Ri and I have shared over coffee, theoretical plans and other random objectives, they may be accurate they may not, that’s how this daily blog thing works.

What’s the go with the Café?

For the heart and soul behind it see blogs 90. & 98. there is a lot of reasoning why, but in regards to practicality our plan is as follows..

Nothing too big, we are making an espresso bar which means no kitchen just incredible coffee and other treats that are quick and easy i.e banana bread, bagels, bliss balls and blueberry muffins (see what I did there.) We want it to be easy to get in and out, we understand busy people, but if you don’t want to leave we want GOOD WiFi and powered tables, a place for you to sit and study or watch YouTube or whatever keeps you around long enough to buy 5 more coffees! (just kidding)


Will you (Jack) work there?

Not running the café directly, I will be doing behind the scenes work and hopefully a lot of building and the café fit out, who knows what will happen in the future but for the time being I have a job that I enjoy and intend on staying there, plus someone has to fund our crazy dreams (also a joke.. kind of)


Ok, I know that was only 2 questions but that is enough for tonight’s blog! In the menu on the left there is a place where you can email us, if you have more questions, facts, ideas, suggestions or even just want to say hey check it out and send them all to us, we would love to hear from your guys!

Also, while I am promoting the various buttons around our blog there are lots of opportunities to ‘share’ and ‘like’ our posts and the blog itself and as far as we are concerned the more the merrier so get your friends involved and share it around, we would appreciate it a lot!

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