79. Takeaway Cups

Let me preface this by saying I am definitely not emotionally prepared to already be in the 70’s. Send help!

This is a post that I shouldn’t have started writing at 11:01PM (can you see a recurring pattern here…) but there will be future posts to give some further details and hopefully closure!

Most people would know how topical takeaway cups are right now; the ABC ran a documentary called ‘war on waste’ which brought to the attention, that which many already knew – that using billions of takeaway cups (featuring a plastic lid) and throwing it in the bin is, well, really freakin’ terrible for the environment. As a result, the choice of coffee cups is one that we’re asked after a lot, and so far, has not been an easy question to answer.

Now, it’s taking all the self-control I have not to go on an amateur-enviro warrior rant here and say everything that is stupid about our current waste systems, packaging requirements etc in Australia butttt more to the point is that there a couple of key factors that will dictate which coffee cup we’ll stock, in no particular order:

Appearance – yep, that’s right everyone; the vanity is real! But seriously, I’ll be the first to admit that I will put my judgemental eyebrows on if I walk into a place with red, glossy, double walled cups. There, I said it.

Single Walled – this is what most cafes stock, the typical ‘paper cup’ as opposed to it’s textured double wall brother; single-walls stack better, take less material to make, look better and store better. All in all, better.

Made from the good stuff – Australia hasn’t really nailed the disposal situation yet (they may say ‘compostable’ and ‘recyclable’ but the availability is still in the ‘eventually basket’) so while we can’t control what happens after we sell it, we really need to give a rats about what has happened before we bought it.
This means making sure the company has ethical, sustainable work practices, they don’t make their cups with petrol-based plastics and they are actually making progress towards innovation in an industry that is so dangerous right now (can’t you just hear the rant being suppressed right now?!)

Availability – there’s no point having grand plans to order the world’s most eco-friendly cups if they take 6-8 weeks to arrive every order. We won’t have overflowing space (let’s be honest, we may have to dedicate our spare room to Wildflower Storage), so we will be ordering in relatively short runs and need a pretty quick turnaround. So somewhere with a local stockists would be ideal!

Price – While we’re prepared to pay more than the bottom-of-the-line, choke-the-dolphins kinda cups, we still need to be pretty reasonable so we still have a chance of making some revenue in this game! While price is not the top priority for us, it still needs to be on this list (plus, it keeps the business people happy!)

From this list, we have a shortlist of stockists, if you think there is a company I’ve overlooked or maybe never even heard of, please please let me know (there is a ‘Say Hello’ option in the menu on your left). From this list, we’ll be getting quotes, samples and ordering options which we’ll weigh up and make a real grown-up decision about (we definitely won’t make cup-phones out of them and judge them off that…)

Now, call me a sucker – but their website is awesome, they have a great infographic video that makes me want to buy everything they sell! Marketing genius aside, their vision is awesome – they use renewable resources, BPA free and use designs that are actually good-looking and industry-purposed!

The industry leaders – amazing quality, good looking, standardised pricing. But are they the best, or is it just what we’re familiar with!? Downside: slightly more expensive, but certainly more available (and am I really willing to say I’ll never do a last-minute order!?)

Green Pack
Not as well-known but there are some pretty good reviews online – they don’t have any local stockists and charge postage. They’re also the ‘kraft brown’ – not my current fav (I say that like my favourite changes every week .. well, it does!)


Well, actually that’s only three – I really thought I had more, but the more I really read into them and put them against our aforementioned criteria, the less options became suitable!
Before anyone asks, yes! We will be doing reusable takeaway cups and some fun ways to encourage their use – but surely that’s a seperate blog post all together!
Again, if you are a takeaway cup enthusiast (surely such a person exists) or just well-versed in the area, we’d so love to hear from you – we’re only as good as the community around us!

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