78. Mentor Agenda

Sooo I have an unofficial meeting with a mentor tomorrow; I don’t really know her yet (we’ve texted and she’s recommended me some podcast so, like, how much longer ’til we actually are friends though?!) nor is it likely she’d even approve of me calling her a mentor but she is in the industry, she is making a huge impact in Newcastle’s wholefood market and I’m either going to call her a mentor or a rolemodel queen and let’s be honest; mentor sounds more professional and far less creepy!

But, because I have been husband-free for the last couple of days I am officially filled to the brim with podcast-y goodness so I can tell you that to any meeting with a mentor (whether they know that is irrelevant, I think) you should be prepared with an agenda and purpose. So in attempt to get the most out of tomorrow’s meeting; I have researched (you can read that as a thorough online lurking) Kylie’s business and have a couple of agenda points to carry in there … For all those cringing from the outset, fear not! I promise not to make it obvious or awkward, the agenda is just there as a loose guide to make sure I walk away from this meeting with all the wisdom I can get out of her, instead of just discovering our destined friendship and bond over the goodness of cacao!


Dealing with Council, landlords, solicitors and contracts

Feedback about being outside the ‘pedestrian’ area – and how her marketing plan has been adjusted

How did she start? How was revenue still made with employees in the house?!

What does the back-end of the cafe look like?! How long did it take to get refined?!

Yay! Marketing part of the convo!

How good is it, really?!


Okay, so I’m joking about the cacao (kind of) but this is the list of the gold I really hope to get out of tomorrow. I am prepared to get the blind-date kinda butterflies and go through the awkward introductions, but I am beyond excited to be someone sown into and trusted with the gold that comes from transferring the been-there-done-that kinda wisdom!

Wish me luck! X

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