77. Mama-P


So today I got to spend part of my morning being totally filled with the incredible knowledge of Kylie Pheils, owner of Mama-P.

Mama-P is an incredible hole-in-the-wall cafe that specialised in real, fad-free foods! Although their startup story is a little different to ours (they built a commercial kitchen and weren’t dealing with any coffees at all for the first couple of years) Kylie still had a huge list of helpful pointers.

We spoke about not compromising the environment to save a buck (which went on a tangent about landfill and the ocean!), about finding a point of difference and absolutely nailing it, and the importance of finding the right place (which was reassuring, ’cause I’m starting to feel like I’d be happy with any place!). As a side note of adoration, she also had op-shop crockery which I am already in lovvve with the idea of (I haven’t told Jack that one yet!)

I was happy to hear some brutal truths and accept the hard-hitting points of advice – but was excited (and relieved) to still feel inspired and encouraged to go ahead with this journey – and my anticipation levels are at an all time high .. all we’re waiting for now is, well, a place to do it! I promise I love the idea of being patient and waiting for the Lord, but in reality – I’m a bit of an impatient brat!!!



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