76. Setback (yay!)

Jack and I spoke about this post and whether or not I’d write it, we left the discussion unsolved ’til I’ve just started typing and decided I’d do it anyway!

We have had a couple of discouraging days with Real Estate and still don’t have a space; for some annoying reason, we were hesitant to be so open about this – like there was this imaginary lineup of people waiting to say ‘I told you so’. But then, heck – we’re not even nearly thinking about quitting, we’re just pretty impatient people (obviously) and while the part of us that was ready to accept a lease handed to us on a gold cushion was obviously naive, there is still the dreaming part of us who is backed up by the side of us that innovates, perseveres and re-inspires (no, autocorrect .. I won’t admit that’s not a word!) ourselves.

I’ll be the first to admit that in my mind there is doubt and uncertainty, but heck, that’s the minority of my mind speaking. The bigger, louder and significantly more fun part is screaming with excitement and anticipation and is totally thriving in the unknown!

We aren’t the ‘everything happens for a reason’ kinda people, but we are the ‘our God will make a way’ people and we are so full of blind faith and we are beyond excited for what is about to happen; believe me .. I know how crazy that sounds!

So this is a total tail-between-my-legs moment as I reassure you that the dream must go on, and if anyone, anywhere knows of a place to rent – holla at me! I am busting at the seams waiting for your message!


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