74. The Vision Statement

The word ‘vision’ is thrown around like confetti, I know that’s a weirdo analogy but it seems unfair to say it’s overused or just thrown around without meaning anything; vision is awesome! And the more it’s used, followed or referred to, the freakin’ better!

Vision statements are one of those things that get lost in the mandatory paperwork of starting or running a business. Mission, vision, strategic marketing plan etc etc etc.
But you only have to work or volunteer in an organisation that doesn’t have or even care about a vision statement to actually realise the true value of it.

Vision and mission statements are both there to guide to actions and decisions made by an organisation. These little phrases have incredible power because, well, words freakin’ matter (and everyone who’s ever been told “oh .. that outfit is … interesting” is backing me up on this one!).

A mission statement is the one that says what you’re doing; the who, what, when & how of the business. The mission drives the ‘doing’ side of the business.

The vision statement (cue twinkly lights) is the dreaming of the business; if everything goes to plan, this statement is how you’re gonna change the world! You don’t have to read this blog regularly to see that Jack and I are dreamers (that’s the optimistic way of saying crazy, yo), which is why the vision statement is important to us and to Wildflower.

To give you some idea of some incredible vision statements, that have next to nothing to do with the logistics or practical application of their business, here are some examples:

festisite_nike.png To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world.
*If you have a body, you are an athlete

amazon_logo_RGB.jpgOur vision is to create a better everyday life for people

To make people happy. 

Okay, these are just three of my favourite big brand visions with simple enough ideas that it’s enough to push, drive and inspire the thousands of employees that work towards it!

If we are speaking more locally, the Grounds of Alexandria’s vision statement is “to create unique and memorable experiences that spoil our guests” amazing!

So, to add to the list alongside Disney, Ikea and even the Grounds is the humble Wildflower hoping to make it work and change the world – our vision is to serve the world coffee and kindness.

Pretty simple, right?! Simple enough to change the world around us, we reckon! And heck, it’s cool to be kind, always!



  1. Sweet Vision gorgeous! Love watching your dream unfold, so happy you’re using your amazing skills and glad I still get to ‘see’ you – can’t wait to support ‘Wildflower’ !

    Liked by 1 person

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