73. Cheat Day

Today is Sunday and [for at least this part of the journey] I have deemed them the cheat day of productivity. It’s lucky that this is the case because I got a phone call today and received some news that left me feeling totally shaken and certainly unable to do anything remotely productive. You know the kind of emotions that take over your thoughts and inevitably fall out of your eyes (is someone cutting onions in here, or what?!)

Right now, I’m reading all these hardcore business books written by totally amazing girl bosses – they do things with style, grace and enviable determination. I really wanna be like those girls (and maybe sometimes I am), just as long as it means I can still spend some time every now and then to be an unpredictable box of emotion and ugly-cry while my husband pets my hair.

Long live emotional rollercoasters; part of life’s great adventure, right?!

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