71. Waiting Room

I am writing this post with actual tears in my eyes; not sad tears though (which is certainly a positive) but tears from laughing so hard with Jack – we were in hysterics about what is actually going to happen if we don’t get a venue soon; it feels like I’m working really hard to maintain this enthusiastic, faith-filled attitude (which I promise you is like, at least 98% legit) but I swear if it gets to like Day 10 – I’ll probably be totally freakin’ manic by then and making up elaborate stories just to keep the engagement levels high across the socials!

Joking aside, we did make some progress today, I crossed some places off the list of potentials and I even got to hassle a couple of people who may be helpful to our cause (is it possible that even the council will start screening my calls?!)

I delayed writing a blog post ’cause I was totally convinced something groundbreaking would happen this afternoon I could report back on. But alas, trackpants and 15 cups of tea don’t make for a good headline (but they do make for a good life!)

For those asking whether or not we’re ‘worried’ by the countdown – we’re not! We’re confident and laughing our way through this countdown and I promise that if it gets all the way down to zero with nothing to show for it, we’re not going to flee the country (the option may have been discussed) but we’re gonna keep going ’til this dream becomes our real life (and to be honest, we’ll just change the URL of our page).

Here’s to the unexpected joy you find in the waiting room!

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