67. Point of Sale

To follow on from my rather tedious post from Thursday giving you all the information you don’t need to know about Eftpos terminals (we’re all in this learning journey together, remember?!) I’m keeping the ball rolling by giving you an insight into POS systems – that is, Point of Sale Systems.


In the past, every shop had a computer looking thing that served one purpose: process sales and transactions and store of all of the information. Fast forward a couple of years and we find that while some places still use the POS Hardware, a lot of people have chosen iPads/tablet devices with a POS App on it – this has a couple of advantages:

  • Better looking (duh!)
  • More versatile – an iPad can be used for work emails, social media and music accounts as well as being the POS device.
  • Less capital expenditure – well, kind of. Traditional POS hardware is notoriously expensive but if you’re looking at buying a brand new iPad, cash drawer and receipt printers on top of paying the monthly subscription, than in reality – you’re still probably in for a large bill!
  • Easier to use – even the SenPOS and RedCat websites are hard to use .. and, like, if I can’t figure out a freakin’ website – what am I going to do if my system crashed mid-service (anxiety kicks in just at the thought of it!)

But, doing more research I began to wonder whether we actually needed a POS at all .. People have advised us against POS because operating without one makes tax evasion easier .. since that is, um, not exactly how we plan on rolling (judgement-free though to all you small business owners out there makin’ it work) but we are running a relatively small operation that doesn’t need huge accountability or inventory. Plus, most of the POS apps start from $60 a month (!!!)

We don’t really need indepth insights into our sales history etc (as long as I do stay up to date with documenting and filing) however, I want to make sure we’re working totally above board from the get-go. I also want to employ systems that make consistency happen easily. And POS add a structure to customer interaction that is streamlined, reliable and the same everyday.

I have gone through and read every review, article and product comparison online and unless there are some incredibly innovative POS apps (Kounta is by far my favourite; intuitive, user friendly and they’re constantly improving the systems) however, we are definitely not at a place where we can spend $60 (or $100 for kounta) a month just to pay for an app (this is on top of eftpos fees, people!). So I started to look for alternatives and I think I actually found it .. yay!


Loyverse is a POS App that is a simplified version of Kounta;

  • ‘Loyverse’ stands for Loyalty Universe (ah, I’m in love)
  • It offers sales and inventory reports
  • Loyalty systems (though it’s likely we’ll still use old school cards)
  • Connects wirelessly to printers
  • It’s design is simple and intuitive – meaning less chance of a mini-tantrum of “whyyy wouldn’t they just do it this way” (don’t act like you haven’t been there!).
  • Best of all .. it’s FREEE (yes, free!) – to which Jack responded, “there’s nothing good on the App Store for free .. they’re either crap or filled with ads” – neither of which is true for this app; they have been written about all over the internet, videos made about them on youtube (which you know has got to be real, yo) and nearly all the reviews through every forum are positive!

So I’ve started a mock-up system where I’m going to use all the features, test it and get familiar with Loyverse until I find a fault or until we’re open and I’m convinced the POS hype is real! Hallelujah!

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