65. Trivial Thanks

If you were in Newcastle today, you’d know the weather was perfect for sleeping in, relaxing and drink hot choccies with 105 marshmallows. How many of these things did I actually do today?! ZERO!

We had the perfect storm of chaos, unpredictability and giddy squeals (mainly from me; squealing’s not really Jack’s thing!). I’ve been reading a lot lately about being thankful amongst the storm and while I know the storm is not meant to be taking literally, the weather makes it feel appropriate to share a couple of trivial things I’m thankful for in this business journey (that’s my disclaimer – that these are Wildflower-related, otherwise my glorious eBay delivery would be getting a serious write-up):

  • Really clever people – I had a phone call today from Financial Advisor John who worked the perfect amount of small-talk (weather-related, duh!) into an otherwise intimidating conversation about contracts, the ATO and other acronyms I pretended I didn’t have to google! I am thankful that John’s passion is what I ambitiously call, ‘what I need to work on’ (but in reality I call it, ‘the boring stuff’) and his gifts can help our business  be better!
  • A support network – I speak all the freakin’ time about community and ‘being a product of the people around you’ (I feel like I’m saying that so often, I’m trying to make it a catch phrase) – but today I had friends and family calling me, texting me and checking in to encourage me and speak life into the start of a new week. Oh, you think we’re crazy for doing this whole thing?! Well, blame the incredible women around me – they’re the ones who put those crazy thoughts in our heads!
  • OTT Sales Consultant – I had a call today from an EFTPOS follow-up who I think accidentally let slip that he’d lurked this blog (Hi James, if you’re reading!) – he seemed a little embarrassed and I laughed but honestly, it made my day! So thank you to every person secretly lurking from afar, even if I don’t know it .. you are a part of this journey, my friend!!
  • Divine Appointments – Now, before you roll your eyes and disconnect from the ‘over-spiro’ part of the post, don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about here – you know those too-coincidental-to-be-a-coincident moments?! Some call it ‘everything happens for a reason’, we just call it ‘God’s timing’ and today had a couple of golden little moments I am busting to share, but Jack reminded me I needed to be objective and calm (and not frantic and unruly like my emotional instincts are telling me to be!)
  • Partner in Crime – Yep, the same one telling me to calm my farm – Jack is the one that inspires, entertains and helps me. Plus, he is the coolest ever; he’s watching the new series of Dragon Ball Super right now (wait! that’s cool, right?!). So I am thankful for him today and am excited to see what the next 100 years of choosing each other is going to look like. Cringing yet?! Don’t worry, I’m done!


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