63. Next Steps

So, emotional attachment aside, it looks like we’re getting the miracle space! So now we enter a new chapter of ‘oh heck’ moments and again feeling like we’re well out of our depth; which is good, right?!

My first step was to talk to council, I’ve gone through and have a very general understanding of what I need to do before signing a lease but it really bothers me how much freakin’ junk I have to sift through to get the information I want – say I was the average commoner with little-to-no knowledge of the local property game (don’t imagine too hard, because that is literally me) HOW do I know what to do … there are thousands of checklists, info brochures and terms just thrown around that I have never heard of!

I was disillusioned when I went on to smallbusiness.nsw.gov.au and the layout was really logical, the font was really trendy and hip (maybe I’m being a bit satirical here!) and the sequence seemed to make sense – but when I went onto our local council’s page I was totally lost in content. So I did the old school thing and booked a real life, face to face appointment later this week! I spent some time today preparing a very extensive list of questions and points of discussion so I am fully-legit and loophole-free when we proceed with lease agreements!!

The next step is to, well, write the next steps! I want to have a master-copy of ‘tasks to action’ to make sure that during this time, we are being as productive and efficient as we can be and really taking advantage of our new found sense of urgency (oh yes, can you tell I’m a bit of a choleric personality!?)

This phase of business planning is really when I need to look to other’s strengths so I am excited to see what I can learn from the incredible people around me in the next week or so!!!




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