59. Q&A #1

So, we put this one out to you guys on the socials and you responded in a big way! Thank you so much – keep hitting us up with the questions and we’ll try to do a post like this regularly-ish (that’s a unit of measurement, right?!)

Some of these answers are written by Jack and some of them are written by me (the more dramatic ones, duh!) so grab a cuppa, have a read and enjoy!

How many days a week will you be open?

Keeping Sunday as a day of rest .. that’s biblical, right?! Well, that’s what we’re going with! You guys know we love to schedule some rest in  so we’ll be open 6 days a week; Monday through to Saturday and even then, it’s likely to just be morning hours on Saturday.

What will your opening hours be?

The plan is to open roughly 6am – 2pm, we want to catch anyone on their way to work and on their lunch break, we are keen to experiment and open a little earlier or stay open a little later and see what happens.

What about tea?

Both Jack and I are big tea drinkers – though we’d always favour a coffee when we’re out, we do have an appreciation for a good cuppa (and no one means coffee when they say ‘cuppa’, right?!).
We haven’t got anything set in stone for tea drinkers yet (so if you have a diehard brand you love, feel free to let us know) but at the moment we’re thinking of a local tea brewer (is that a title, though?!) who specialised in really delicious teas from really ethical sources – he is a small business owner/sole trader who really believes in what he does, so in an effort to support our own kind, he is seeming like the most likely contender at the moment (and no, the omission of his name is not intentional – I’ve just totally forgotten and it’s 10:40PM right now so no one has time to go to my wallet and read his business card!)

Will you be hiring staff?

This is a tricky one – ultimately, we’ll need people to work but everyone knows the killer of small businesses is the crazy price of staff. I (Rianna) will be working there full-time and Jack will help out where is practical – but we’re not sure what the fillable role is going to look like. We have some friends who would be amazing and willing but there is challenges around time, uni and other work commitments.

We have also said from the beginning that this is something we have to be super picky about – we want staff to carry the vision and be wholly on board for what we’re about; not just counting down the minutes til home time. So the short answer; yes. But beyond that – I know nothing (maybe I’m sneakily praying that God will work a way for Jack to freelance at his current job and be in the cafe each morning…!)

Are you latte, espresso or long black peeps?

Jack is a large latte kinda guy and I am long blacks all the way. I used to love a flatty in the morning but milk and my stomach do not agree – so after using almond milk to ween me off … I’m now drinking [and loving!] the black.

Will you have an online ordering system?

Yes! We really want to work for people to be the most convenient, need-meeting space that people love to be in. So while I haven’t done the pro/cons list yet, we’ll either use the ‘Hey You’ app or the more casual textline/phoneline for orders. Stay tuned for more detailed update about that.

As a sidenote, I am super passionate about creating an alternative for the ‘mum’ situation – and if you don’t know, talk to a new mum about how long she’s spent in the car, unable to get out due to fragile, sleeping baby in the back! These mamas need caffeine, dang it! So .. Wildflower is working on a solution for the gals (and any dads in transit!)

What will the cafe look like?

We have a Pinterest board here where you can see some of our inspiration, we also did a blog post on it way back here but the short version we tell people is Industrial white with a bit of pink.

What are some of your favourite local Cafes?

Ri: I buy a lot of coffee – though I’m not sure I’ve ever been anywhere regularly enough to have a ‘regular order’ (though this could be largely attributed to the fact that I have worked in a cafe for so long!)
Honestly, I am a sucker for somewhere where the customer service is great – I will not return somewhere that workers are unkind, uninterested or mean. That sounds super harsh – but I didn’t say impatient, rude or frustrated ’cause heck, we’ve all been there, hospitality fam! But I’m talking about places that make you feel like you’ve personally offended them just by being a customer.
Anyway, I know that wasn’t the question but it shows you what my answer will actually be based on: so for my ‘right now’ favourite – I’ll choose Apothecary Kitchen  – I love their vibe – sustainable, healthy and soooo freakin’ friendly (like, seriously, I hug one of the girls when I see her outside of the cafe .. extrovert life!)

Jack: This is a very hard question, Newcastle has an amazing coffee culture and I am a huge fan of so many local cafes but there are two I would like to mention, neither of which I go to enough. 1 is Mister Sister at Kotara Westfield, being in the middle of a huge shopping centre these guys have done so well to keep their espresso bar vibes, their use of a very small space and greenery is inspiring and most importantly the coffee is consistently some of the best I have ever had.
Hubro is the second I would like to mention, they have created a vibe that I cant explain but there is just something special going on there. They have managed to stand out to me in a really coffee crowded area, you can also get a toastie to die for + their cold brew is made by them and incredible!

Have they influenced some of your own ideas/ plans?

Aside from aesthetic inspiration (which, I’ll admit, I have more than my fair share of ‘ohhhh I want that’ moments), I am actually so inspired by Newcastle’s small business owners ’cause they seriously believe in what they’re doing .. and I love that! They work hard at something they know is worthy and that kind of love is evident through the whole operations – the presentation of things, the atmosphere and consistency. To have a zealous leader is a pretty incredible point of difference in a cafe!


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