58. Planning Progress (!)

My morning started with exercise (you know, my body’s a temple etc .. *eyeroll*) and a message from my brother-in-law saying he was going to add me in to a group chat with his friend Maddy the Angel (okay, maybe that’s my bias commentary coming into it!).
After acknowledging the obvious, that it felt like we’d been set up in an online blind-date kinda situation .. I found that Maddy works for the council and is happy to refer us to a friend who is a building consultant (which means they do the  secret council business for us)!
Maddy called me, we chatted for a bit (with real-life commoner words, praise the lawwd) and she passed my details onto a friend of hers who is a business consultant and happy to help us out, and an hour later he called me to talk it all through .. After that conversation, I quickly learned how the heck to draw a floor plan (yes, many Illustrator tutorials were watched), sent it through and now feel like we’ve propelled from feeling like we have no idea what to do, to suddenly being pretty freakin’ close to getting an approval from council! Hallelujah!
WF Floor Plans-02
So hopefully throughout this week, we’ll continue making progress and wade through a significant part of the red tape and get a little closer to making our dream a reality (yep, I meant every word of that cheesiness!)
I guess you could say the moral of the story is ‘don’t be afraid of online blind dates with strangers’. Okay maybe don’t write that one down in the memoirs of Rianna’s life lessons.

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