56. Wednesday!

I had my three year old niece today which means, as anyone who has spent one minute with a toddler knows, it was a total productivity write-off! I spent my day entertaining, listening and hanging out with my sweet little friend and next to no time building and pushing our business forward! While I don’t regret that decision at all (dance parties with Macy will always be a priority!), it does mean I don’t have too much to blog about.

So instead of recalling my day, let me share with you a mindset-shifting thought that Jack shared with me today (thinking against the grain is really Jack’s specialty, you know!):

Tim Ferris had intentions to study at a bachelor level for commerce, investing and business. He worked out that over the course of a couple of years to finish these degrees, he would have spent around $200K on education (that number is certainly easier to digest when you hide it in HECS fees!). He opted out of enrolling and instead decided to intentionally spend the time and money on the education that taking risks and living actual life teach you really freakin’ fast.
I’m not retelling this story to discredit the value of a degree, but after spending some time stressing about one income, finance and ongoing expenditure – it was a very refreshing idea to recall; one that changes your perspective and reminded me that a piece of paper is not the only currency of return in an investment into education.

I have learnt more in the past 44 days than I learnt during my whole time at uni – to me, those real life, hard-to-take lessons that you gotta learn in the wild are so much more valuable than the $10K e-business course I took at uni .. But it does mean I’m signing up to a life where I have to watch a tutorial for every, single step along the way! Dang.


  1. 100% agree with your thinking Rhi! I learnt all I know running my family business…even though I’ve done business at Uni, I stretch to remember much of the content from that, but can pull all my learnt experience from physically running your own company and apply it to so many aspects of life!

    Loving your values you’ve set for Wildflower, am excited for you and this great journey you’re on!!!

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