55. Innovate!

Momentum, innovation and dynamism seem to just be really easy examples of ‘buzz’ words in the business world .. usually used by people who are trying hard to look like they know what they’re talking about (umm … me) but after lots of reading and pinterest-ing (it’s a word) more and more things have been piling up in Wildflower’s ‘eventually’ basket .. I started realising that opening a Wallsend cafe was he start of a moving project for us.
I honestly believe that a business that is constantly innovating is one that encourages customer engagement, loyalty and public interest; to be moving forward and looking for ways to expand and grow momentum is an incredible thing and incorporating this idea, while still being true to our value pillars, is super important to me for a couple of reasons:
  • It allows Wildflower to be more of a brand than a shop-front – as far as I’m concerned, Wildflower exists to serve the people – and serving amazing coffee is just a means for us to do this. Coffee is our foreseeable future, but Jack and I are beyond excited to let the brand grow naturally into any other areas, provided we stick to the values and we still get to serve the people!
  • It means we don’t have to go super hardcore from the get-go – I want to do what we do well (I won’t judge you if you need to read that one again!) .. meaning, I don’t want to try every single trend or sell everything I’ve ever liked; I want Wildflower to be a place for the refined, yet really freakin’ amazing. So once we nail what we’re doing, we’re ready to introduce or change something.
  • Being able to reinvent yourself and continually innovate and adapt means employing some serious creative thinking and while I’m not naturally super creative – I really love it (yep, learning how to be creative is one of the most valuable lessons I have learned in the last couple of years!)
  • With each innovation, there’s a chance to attract a new market and if we stay faithful to our existing customers, this just means more people to serve – yay!
So, innovation doesn’t need to mean being the new Uber inventor – it doesn’t even need to be a significant change, but it does need to be ongoing. Every time I think of a new idea, I put it in a long list with the other areas for expansion, or as I more commonly put it, ‘the eventually basket’ (which sits right next to the ‘too hard basket’ when I’m doing my mental filing!)

Reading this back (a task I don’t often do..!) I feel like I’ve been so serious, like I am back in 2014 submitting a marketing essay .. too many hours looking a screen today, I reckon! Oh, and I was going to finish this post by listing our ideas for growth and expansion, but heck! I want you guys to have at least some surprises! 

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