48. Papa’s Bagel Bar

This morning Ri and I ventured out for some market research and to try some more bagels (I’ll put it out there and say it wont be our last time either.) Today it was Papas Bagel Bar, all I can say is.. delish!
We had poppy seed bagels with cream cheese & maple bacon spread partnered with a great coffee and it was an amazing experience, and that’s just it, yes there product was very good and that is vitally important but it is always about more than just that.

Papa’s has old exposed brick walls with a white wash paint, a brick counter with really nice timber tops and just a really consistent all around great vibe, the staff were great and the food was quick (which is important when you have 20 mins before you start work.) Papa’s you will be receiving an email from us.

Here is a photo of Papa’s so you can see the aesthetic they have chosen, it is very different to our plan but none the less consistency in vibe is important!


Ri has gone away to a conference tonight til Saturday [Don’t worry she will still be blogging] but I just want to tag on the end of this that I actually freakin’ miss her and it made this blog surprisingly hard to write and probably hard to read so sorry about that!

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