47. Sydney

Look, I know it’s been three days in a row but I had another bagel today … It’s starting to slip from ‘market research’ into ‘recreational addiction’, I’ll be the first to admit it (which makes it slightly better, surely!) so I promise tomorrow I will not eat a bagel. I will not eat a bagel.

But I am becoming well-versed in the take-away coffee game. Here are my two take home points (or at least what I can manage to punch out at 11:40PM after a full day of conference)

In saying that, being in Sydney with my girlfriends has told me a couple of noteworthy things about our coffee industry:

–       Ladies freakin’ love coffee. That’s a fact – coffees in the morning, mid-morning, lunch, night … all the time, ladies love the coffee.

–       There is a mystical sweet spot in having a line-up out the front of a coffee shop; too few people and there’s an instant suspicion of terrible coffee but too long gets put in the ‘too hard’ basket – can’t be waiting 20 minutes just to order a coffee, right?!

–       It is [annoyingly] natural to judge a book by it’s cover – I’d love to say that I am fair, diplomatic and merciful, but heck, it is totally my natural instinct to walk pass (and into) cafes and turn into actual judge Judy. We chose our spot this morning based on aesthetics and line length.

–       Music in cafes is awesome (the chats that you get to have while waiting for your coffee are the actual golden moments!) but Spotify with ads is NOT awesome – especially when there is an overflowing tip jar that could be used to fund a whole year’s worth of ad-free music (okay, am I sponsored for this post or no?!)

–       Oh, and bagels are the perfect grab and go option (repeat: I will not have a bagel tomorrow) 


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