46. Community

Cafe Update: We are working through lots of paperwork and legal things to make sure Wildflower is actually allowed to exist. Many items will be submitted, signed and [hopefully] approved this week so stay tuned but that’s why you aren’t currently seeing blog posts about us doing much on location. Watch this space…


Community; It is a part of our vision statement “Serving the world through coffee and kindness” and today our local Newspaper wrote an article on coffee, in particular they asked 50 of our amazing local cafes the question: ‘What is the perfect coffee?’ You can read it here if you like. The answers are great and diverse, everyone took their own spin on the question and its an interesting read, but, what I really like about it is.. a local media put 50 businesses into a single article and framed them as quote

Newcastle’s Baristas, roasters, cafe owners and caffeine lovers”

This is what we are about. Community. Try and find another occupation where you could pick 50 businesses that are technically in competition with each other frame them as a singular group and that be ok.. I love it and I love that the coffee community it is worthy of a 4 page spread in the paper, good job Newcastle.

P.S I am still unsure as to why they didn’t ask the proud owners of the imaginary cafe Wildflower

Well, you made it this far, so we have a favour to ask.. Ri and I would really love to hear from you!
Tomorrow is likely going to be a Sunday Q&A and we want to hear from you!
We have stats and apparently people actually read this thing we do, we know there are people that read this blog that we don’t know and we want to meet you so say hello! Tell us something about you, What do you love in a cafe? What’s your coffee order? Whats your favourite Netflix series?
If you’re a silent reader we would love for you to become a friend of the blog and say hey, no one like a lurker and no answer is a wrong answer.

Click here or go to the Say Hello! in the menu bar

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