44. Update

Well, heck! I feel like it has been so long since I’ve written a blog – thank you to amazing Jack for taking over the keys while I was self-indulging at Colour Conference!.
As much as I love to write about concepts and ideas and thoughts and our glorious ‘eventually basket’ dreams, but let me stay grounded for a second here and let you in on where we’re currently at (spoiler alert: it’s not the glamorous highlight reel!)

After a day of miscellaneous Wildflower jobs (building websites, writing stock lists and asking what the point of DA is for the hundredth time), this afternoon I had a last minute meeting with Luke the Building Owner to get him to sign some forms and go over a couple of things; he was there working on some plumbing etc (I acted surprised but a couple of unofficial Wildflower spies have told me he’s been there recently!) .. he has some work to do on the rest of the building (everyone who’s seen the place says ‘amen’!)  before we can really focus on getting the space is ready for us.

I am still super optimistic about being open in 100 days, and I know we can do it providing we can actually get into the building – but look, we’re all friends here, right?! Which means, aside from our pride and stubbornness, it’s no big deal if we have to rename this site the ‘145daycafe’! But we remain hopeful, prayerful and with crazy amounts of expectancy, we believe we’ll get this baby up and running in perfect timing .. oh yeah!

So this week’s current list includes getting everything with council signed, sealed & delivered, have some delicious designs drawn up, calling some amazing friends in with electrical and structural knowledge (obviously not my department, sos) and creating the most effective ‘action’ list for the second we’re allowed in that glorious rollerdoor! Woo Hoo

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