43. Quiz Thnx

This is a big ol’ thank you to every person who filled in Jack’s form from Sunday night. For a while, there were only two responses (you guessed it .. Jack and Rianna) which made us feel a little pessimistic (and regretful that we’d posted it in, like, the middle of the freakin night) but then we had some with some familiar names (our number one encouragers) start to come through … but then names just kept rolling in!

Jack called me over to read some of the results this afternoon and reading through them, I was actually amazed; seriously gobsmacked that real people are actually out there and care enough to give us this amazing insight.. We now are aware of the huge demand for avo & vegemite on toast (a combination that, in my opinion, was created by God to eat in heaven’s lunchroom)

So thank you (yep, you are worthy of the bold) for supporting us, backing us, following us and giving us your precious time to fill in our little quiz (look, if we’re honest, I don’t even give enough time to answer why I unsubscribed from an email list!).

If you haven’t filled it out yet, you can do it here (ahh and it’s aesthetically pleasing for your enjoyment).

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