42. Flood-free zone (yay)

Well, if you’re local and have exposure to pretty much any form of media, you’d certainly know that it was a raiiiiny day in Newcastle today – like the kind of day where you don’t actually rage at people on the road going 15kms under the speed limit!

Thankfully it didn’t last too long, but a quick moment of reflection reminded me how glad I was we didn’t rush into the first place we’d found; while we’re still in the middle of the long, drawn out process of getting into our yellow space, today I am feeling particularly grateful that we didn’t end up leasing the space at the other end of the street – at the end of the video below, the back of that building actually gets a little cameo which means, on a day like today, it’s likely Wildflower would be an actual water feature of Wallsend.

Just think .. soggy floors, spiked electrics and not-so-dry dry stock! Try and add those costs into a spreadsheet *shudder*

So while we still have our own stuff to deal with, I’m feeling pretty relieved not to be gum-boot clad right now sweeping water out of the shop like a sad Cinderella!

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