41. The Megalist

We’re determined to stay motivated and productive during this venue-free time by getting everything ready to go – kind of like having a dormant business ready to hit ‘activate’ on!

One of the things that is a continual ‘work in progress’ for me is what I call the “Wildflower Megalist” which is pretty much just the work order once we’re actually in the building; we need to be careful actioning things before we’re in the building for a couple of reasons:

  • Things expire – food (obviously), cups, leases, insurance etc all lose value over time especially when they’re not in use
  • We have nowhere to store anything – a special shoutout to my sister who is currently holding all of our, um, stuff (must refrain from saying ‘junk’) in her shed while we wait!
  • There’s no point blowing capital before we have a really clear projection of where we need to spend!

So, as a part of the megalist, I am essentially trying to make future Jack and Rianna’s jobs easier – you know how easy it is to get frazzled when you have 12 jobs to do in a day but you can’t do Job B until Job E etc … even just thinking about tasks like this makes me feel compelled to clear the whiteboard and write an action plan (just me?! oh, my bad!)

So, instead of wasting time on inefficient work later on, I’m attempting to collate an entirely theoretical Wildflower – not in an entirely naive way where we paint the walls and scrub the ceiling while listening to a musical montage, but instead a list where we can constantly check in to see how we’re going for timing, finances and task lists.

I don’t know if it’s entirely appropriate or not (don’t worry, I think we passed that a long time ago!) but I like having a list like this, because then when people [sincerely] ask if they can help, it’s pretty much a smorgasbord of job choices … ohhhh and wouldn’t you just dream of that kind of efficiency! Ahhh

It’s also worth noting that anytime people offer us advice or those ‘oh and don’t forget to ..’ kinda moments, they get added to the list. When I see things I love in a cafe, I try and add it to the list – the megalist is all things wonderful (and often, at times, totally overwhelming!)

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