34. Good [Coffee] Friday

** This post is dedicated to the selfless warriors of hospitality; working their butts off on public holidays while everyone else is posting “Thurs-yay” pics on Instagram; we salute you**

We are officially heading into a loooongg weekend (woo!) – which means a couple of super important things:

  • Jesus died and rose again (sorry, I couldn’t make it a Good Friday post without adding this in!)
  • All the shops pretend they believe in the sacredness of Jesus and shut down .. like seriously, more businesses close on Good Friday than on Christmas.
  • Finding a good coffee is like going on a really hard treasure hunt (made even worse by the fact that, well, you haven’t had a coffee)

So, to help you avoid the panic of seeing a ‘closed’ sign on your usual spot – here is a list of my favourite places who are still open for business and serving the people of Newcastle and making our Friday very Good (oh, yep – I’m sorry for that one!)


CORNER LANE – New Lambton
8AM – 11AM

DARKS – Broadmeadow
7AM – 12PM

ESTABAR – Newcastle Beach
6:30AM – 2PM

ESTHER C – Merewether
7AM – 2PM

ONYX – Mayfield
7AM – 12PM

7AM – 3PM


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