29. More Forms (urgh!)

Okay people, we’re in the twenties .. no reason to be alarmed, right?! So scary and, if you didn’t know, the countdown makes me legitimately edgy .. so eeeek!

Often, I come to like 11PM and find it soo hard to blog and recall my accomplished tasks for the day. Often I’m doing groundwork for bigger tasks, but there’s no interest in reading a post that says, ‘today I sent an email and followed up some workers’ even though that kind of stuff takes up most of my time and emotional capacity!

So, much groundwork was done today, but our most significant feat worth talking about was taking a big step in the right direction with making some progress with the red tape; Hunter Water are officially $520 richer from us and we are officially one step closer to being totally, completely and legally compliant! Woo!

Within the next couple of days we’ll be able to take those stamped plans into Newcastle Council and submit to them to be further processed. Not that we would, but heck I can totally see why people bypass the system and fly under the radar!

Once the papers are submitted to council, we actually have no idea how they’ll process or how long they’ll want to look at it for – it is like submitting an assignment worth, um, 100% of your grade (the nerves are real!) so we’ll need the prayers for that one, yes!

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