27. Semi-Fail Sydney

Today was supposed to be my grand voyage to Sydney to collect all the things – but instead I got to experience a fun little reality check!

On my way to destination #1 to pick up the sink, I got a message from destination #2 saying that he wasn’t even in Sydney today so that ruled him out which spoiled my round-trip strategy and instead added an additional 1 hr 40mins to my trip (don’t ask me how … the logistics were very confusing for me too!), so I called destination #3 and talked to him about what had happened and he said that he was actually coming to Newcastle next week and can just drop it off for us! Which is definitely a win (yay) but it also means that I drove four hours today to pick up .. a sink!

I wish I thought ahead and planned some epic podcasts to enlighten me and compensate for time lost, but instead I was jamming to ‘the Go-go’s Greatest Hits’ and old ‘Ke$ha’ songs (yep, you can judge me for that one!) so it’s safe to say that I came home after a lot of driving totally buzzing. Ready for a new adventure tomorrow…!

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