26. Business Moon

Have you heard of a baby moon?! You know, loved-up couples go on a little getaway when they’re pregnant; they try and enjoy their last couple of days as ‘just the two of them’ .. Well, we’ve reworked the idea and aptly named it, ‘the business moon’ … which pretty much means that to say farewell to our social life for the next, well, for the foreseeable future we have taken a weekend away to Melbourne to celebrate life before our [business] baby as ‘just the two of us’.

This morning started at the ripe old hour of 4:30AM and we were lovingly driven to the airport, strolled straight onto the plane (yep, we’re those risk takers who don’t bother arriving early!), hopped off and got a coffee and bagels. This flow pretty much set up the rest of our day – coffee, walking, laughing and resting.

This is Jack’s bagel – mine is in the background .. with a pickle on the side (don’t judge me)

We are lucky enough to have amazing friends with an apartment in the city who have trusted us with a key (the pressure is so real, people!) for the weekend. We also managed to snatch crazy cheap flights and the rest of the [tiny] budget will be spent on, well, mainly coffee (just being honest here)!

I love doing this ‘just the two of us’ season with Jack and, to be honest, I will miss it – strolling around, admiring cafes, talking about our Wildflower dreams; it is so much fun, but hecccck I am totally in love with the Wildflower vision and cannot wait to live out this new chapter with Jack – the best is yet to come, right?! (Right!)

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