16. [Paint] Strippin’ Sisters

Today’s another sit-in-the-shower kinda day! We had a massive day again today and ohhh man I cannot tell whether I’m high on the adrenaline of progress or I’m just slightly delusional after handling paint stripper all day!

My wonderful recruit for the day was my sister-in-law Maddy who has somehow made time to prioritise us while she is renovating her house and is less than two months away from being married! Yep, definitely feeling the love. We started the day with a Bunnings run because, well, it’s the best (plus it’s extra novel when we get to roll up in a ute!) and then started painting the second coat inside.

After that we picked up the paint stripper (after I solemnly promised Jack I’d use protective gear and research adequate precautions) and got to work on the graffiti on the front of the roller-door. Any lady in the house knows that there is a serious art to removing a loud coloured nail-polish without staining your whole finger and I think years of practice has finally paid off – ’cause we freakin’ killed it (we both did admit to sporting a pretty real headache!).
We did think about painting the roller door (you know, ’cause the chance of re-graffiti is pretty real!) but opted out because we have no idea how it will hold up being rolled up and down and the last thing we want is for the entire interior to have gross paint flecks everywhere (latte w. pulp, anyone?!) so it’s good to know for future use that stripping is relatively doable!


After a lunch break, we finished off the graffiti removal and then got roller happy and painted an undercoat on, well, pretty much the whole facade – let me tell you it is SO satisfying rolling a thick layer of white over canary yellow. ooooh yes! We got another Bingham recruit who helped us finish off the walls and mastered the packup (most of which, we just wouldn’t have done at all – sorry brushes)

I am SO thankful for these two and am loving this part of the process – long days, big to-do lists but soooo much satisfaction!

What yellow?

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