15. Grind & Dine

Bingham wives making it happen again today – I went early to return some equipment and empty out the van to make room for the big, old concrete grinder (which kind of looks like a hotted up shopping trolley). Maddy met me at the venue and we kinda got straight to work – starting out, we had pretty much, well actually, we had no idea at all.

But after about 2 hours (and a lot of breaks, squeals and hurt-your-tummy kinda laughs) we had totally buffed away at the grubby concrete floor, which has been untouched for around 15 years – so I am completely covered in so much water, paint and concrete dust that I feel like a crumbed freakin’ schnitzel right now!!


After the grinding, we filled the remaining holes in the floor (of which there was a lot!) and let it dry. Our wildcard helper showed up in the final hour to punch out some amazing work (Matt, we love you!) and when the wind changed, I froze to death and had to go home before Jack had even arrived.

Right now, Jack is still there with our incredible plumbing friend at the cafe space – I wish I could tell you what exactly they were doing but, look, I really don’t know!!!

I also made some calls today which have opened up some very exciting doors for later this week .. woo hoo!

Oh, and amidst the chaos of the grinder today, we got Uber Eats delivered – which is a little momentous since it is the first meal eaten in Wildflower cafe .. okay that is a bit of stretch but I’ll take it!


I am lapping up these precious moments and I am so excited for the day when I can laugh with Maddy about eating curry together while we are covered in crap and pretty much sitting in an inch of water. Oh, what fun!!!

Now excuse me, while I go and marinate in the shower for 45 minutes!


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