14. Missed Day

Sorry everyone – I did miss a day .. I didn’t even forget; I made a conscious decision to go to bed without writing one, but I also went to bed last night without having a shower, so you can see how my priorities aligned, right?!

Yesterday was crrrrazzy! We had written a list the night before and I mapped it all out so I could see where I had to go, who I needed to meet and how I could best get everything done (oh, how I love task management!).

By the afternoon, we had Anabel fearlessly painting and then Shay and Dean came in with a new wave of enthusiasm! In fact, at some stage Dean thought we had to do everything in three days and seemed totally unfazed about it – so that was very encouraging indeed!

I left everyone at 6:30PM to host a dinner and life group at my house (with 5 people) until 8:30PM when Jack and I went to our pastors house for a coffee and catchup, which we left at 10PM to return to the cafe to stain the concrete floors (which took just under 2 hours)

and now you can see why we went to bed unshowered and unblogged, right?!



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